During camp, Campers can choose projects from our robotics curriculum, based upon their experience and interests.

Remote Robots:

Bead Challenge (Intro):

Design and build a robot which can be controlled via bluetooth and is programmed to collect and deposit beads from containers. Form a team with other students in the class and work together to compete in a bead collection game at the end of camp.

Ping-pong Launchers (Intermediate):

Design and build a robot to pick up and then launch a ping-pong ball as far as you can. Control your robot via bluetooth and battle with other robots in a ping-pong ball launching game.

Create your own remote controller (Advanced):

Build a responsive and smooth remote controller for one of your old or future robots.

Autonomous Robots:

Maze solvers (Intro):

Create a robot which uses Infrared distance sensors to find it’s way through modular mazes and labyrinths.

Line followers (Intermediate):

Learn to use PID control systems to keep a robot steady as it follows a line.

Robo-Race (Advanced):

Use high speed motors to create a fast and smooth maze solver and line follower hybrid. Race against the other student’s and the instructor’s designs and learn to optimize your robot for speed and reliability.

Robot-Human Interaction:

LED Matrix Panels(Intro): Create a drawing machine using an LED art panel to make light-up designs and games. Create a drawing machine with knobs and joystick controls to draw shapes and designs.

Robo-Pets (Intro):

Create a cute robotic pet that follows you and makes sounds. Make use of fabrics and stuffing to make your robot look like a pet.

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We recommend a rank of Hacker or higher for Robotics

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Reading and typing.

Some Coding Experience:

  • variables
  • if/else statements
  • loops

    If you are not sure if your student fits the prerequisites, contact us for an assessment at